Ajay Katara

Ajay Katara is a Domain Consultant with the Risk Management practice of the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) business unit at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). He currently leads the BFS Risk Practice’s portfolio on Regulations and Robotics Process Automation. He has extensive experience of more than 13 years in Consulting & Solution design space cutting across CCAR Consulting, AML, Basel II implementation and credit risk, and has worked with several financial enterprises across geographies.

He has significantly contributed to the conceptualization of strategic offerings in the risk management space and has been instrumental in successfully driving various consulting engagements. He has also authored many editorials, details of which can be found in his LinkedIn profile.

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The New Solutions for Financial Crimes Compliance Management (FCCM) The methods for perpetrating fraud are continually evolving, so an effective approach for fighting fraud must change with the times. Ajay Katara discusses further why banks must adopt newer technologies to prevent and detect financial crimes. With the dawn of the digital age, financial crimes against banks are increasing at a rapid pace....

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A Primer on the Standardized Approach to Credit Risk The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) regulatory body has proposed using a standardized approach to credit risk (SA-CR) when measuring credit risk. Banks using intelligent process automation (IPA) may leverage the approach to ensure compliance with the new due diligence requirements. Most of the recent regulatory changes or guidelines being issued by BIS...

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Powering the Process through Automation For financial institutions, the cost of noncompliance with AML policies and procedures is ever increasing. Per industry reports, AML fines have gone up to nearly $4 billion since 2014, and they continue to rise. Among other solutions, the banking industry is beginning to adopt robotics process automation to improve compliance. The cost of noncompliance is ever increasing,...

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