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Is Social Media the Next Monitoring Emphasis for the OIG?

This summer, the FDA released guidance on how drug and device manufacturers are to use social media within the boundaries of appropriate marketing practices. It can be pretty tricky to present product benefits right alongside risk information - or respond to misinformation voiced by a third party - in the space of 140 characters. But the OIG ...

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Financial Services to Test the Waters of Social Media Testimonials

Until very recently, social media testimonials or endorsements from clients were strictly off limits to financial advisers. And since consumers mine social media for reviews on all manner of service providers, the financial services industry has been at a bit of a disadvantage, unable to benefit from clients’ shared positive experiences. The industry has earnestly sought guidance ...

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Protecting Proprietary Information

This scenario is built from a real-life experience working for a high-tech company, but it can apply to any organization or situation you might be facing. Apart from tangible physical assets, if we own intellectual property or proprietary information, this issue is relevant.