Security Career Connection

If you’re in the Information Security or Privacy job market — or want to help those who are — we want to hear from you!

Ready to get started? First, read the Rules of the Road. Since this job-search resource group is led by volunteers, and so that everyone can have a positive experience, we’ve drafted these guidelines to (1) protect your privacy and (2) make the most of the time that volunteers have committed.

Next, review the opportunities currently available to job-seekers:

Virtual Networking

Offered at least once per month, these are relaxed Zoom meetings hosted by InfoSec professionals who have volunteered their time. The events feature a brief presentation followed by informal (but slightly-structured) networking in small group break-out sessions.

Mock Interviews

Practice your job interview skills in mock interviews conducted by a volunteer. At this writing, mock interviews may be offered during a pre-scheduled “break-out” session during a virtual networking event, or they may be scheduled in advance.

Want to take part? Complete the form on this page. Privacy note: your contact information will be shared with a Career Connection volunteer. You won’t be contacted by any other third party, nor will your name be added to any other mailing list without your express permission (But you read the Rules of the Road, so you know that already, right? If not, read them now!)

Leadership and Career Articles:

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