Valerie Charles

Valerie Charles serves as Chief Strategy Officer at GAN Integrity. With diverse industry experience, Valerie helps define and drive our strategic position in the compliance community, focused on thought leadership and growth strategy. She also leads GAN’s legal function with a focus on compliance, commercial & strategic transactions, employment, litigation and regulatory issues. Valerie has served as outside counsel, conducted internal investigations, and represented clients in connection with matters involving anti-bribery restrictions worldwide. She has also served as Associate General Counsel and Global Compliance Lead for an international technology company.

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This is the time of year most of us seek to transform our circumstances by adopting better habits. Valerie Charles, Chief Strategy Officer at GAN Integrity, analyzes key ethical and regulatory issues from last year and details three practices companies can implement to improve their compliance programs going forward. The new year is a time to break bad habits and adopt good...

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Applying the FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy There are many ways a merger or acquisition can go sideways, including the discovery of less-than-legal business practices. However, a recent speech from the Department of Justice should help compliance officers involved in the M&A process rest a little easier in terms of FCPA enforcement. Valerie Charles, Chief Strategy Officer at GAN Integrity, explores the M&A-related compliance issues...

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Why Teaching Compliance Isn’t Sufficient Sales teams live and die on incentives. And there’s nothing wrong with that per se, but consider what’s at risk when incentives push sales reps in the wrong way. Valerie Charles, Chief Strategy Officer at GAN Integrity, examines the compliance challenges organizations face in encouraging ethical conduct and mitigating corruption risk. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist...

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Design a Training Program that’s Right for Your Third Parties

When it comes to anti-corruption compliance risk, it’s no surprise to compliance officers that third parties represent the single greatest worry. Monitoring third parties requires a rigorous third-party due diligence program, which takes into consideration the characteristics of each external partner to implement a comprehensive and effective compliance training program.  When it comes to anti-corruption compliance risk, it’s no surprise to compliance...

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