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Tim LeechTim J. Leech, FCPA, CIA, CFE, CRMA, is Managing Director at Risk Oversight Solutions Inc. Risk Oversight Solutions focuses on helping companies more effectively manage risk and assurance to meet escalating Board risk oversight expectations and add real value.  He has more than 25 years of experience in the Board risk oversight, ERM, internal audit and forensic accounting fields, including expert witness testimony in civil and criminal proceedings and global experience helping public and private sector organizations with ERM and internal audit transformation initiatives and the design, implementation and maintenance of integrated GRC/ERM frameworks.  Leech has provided training for tens of thousands of public and private sector Board members, senior executives, professional accountants, auditors and risk management specialists in Canada, the U.S., the EU, Australia, South America, Africa and the Middle and Far East. He has received worldwide recognition as a pioneer, thought leader and trainer.  His newest breakthrough methodology, “Board & C-Suite Driven/Objective Centric ERM and Internal Audit,” has been licensed by the IIA for global deployment starting in the fall of 2014 and his article “Reinventing Internal Audit,” featured in the April 2015 issue of Internal Audit, has received global recognition.

Reinventing Internal Audit, Part 2

The winds of change are blowing, and internal audit is squarely in their path. Shifting demands from clients (namely Boards of Directors) and regulatory authorities will require internal audit to rethink its approach to reporting and its responsibility to educate its customers, among other practices. Read on for the second installment in a series on changes in the audit profession.

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Reinventing Internal Audit, Part 1

In light of recent developments, the profession must rethink the role of internal audit and even its very practices and methods in order to maintain relevance in a shifting governance landscape. Today Tim Leech, Managing Director at Risk Oversight Solutions, brings us the first in a two-part series on the need for change in Internal Audit.

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