Sven Stumbauer

Sven Stumbauer, Managing Director, AlixPartners serves financial institutions globally in the areas of anti–money laundering (AML) and sanctions. Sven’s industry experience includes helping US and international banks, broker/dealers, insurance companies, gaming companies, trust companies, hedge funds, and multinational corporations. For them, he focuses on regulatory compliance, fraud issues, AML, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, antibribery and anticorruption (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act [FCPA] and UK Bribery Act [UKBA]), and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Sven has a wealth of experience in leading complex, high-profile global projects, and advising clients and regulatory bodies in more than 40 countries globally. He has provided reports for various government agencies such as the DOJ, the SEC, FINRA, the Federal Reserve, the OCC, and the FDIC.