Simon Greany

Simon Greany

Simon Greany is Founder and Chief Product Officer at Elucidat. Simon knows from experience that when digital learning is designed well, it has the ability to motivate, inspire and change behavior. However, as someone who has designed award-winning digital learning programs himself, he knows that this can be a big challenge! That’s why he co-founded Elucidat – to build technology that enables a more collaborative and simple way of achieving a transformational learning impact.

His passion for digital learning stems from his 15 years of experience in the industry. In that time, he’s led numerous award-winning projects, run a successful agency, spoken at international events and launched the “Learning at Large” podcast. He’s also the brains behind Elucidat’s people-centered learning vision and focuses on making this a reality for his customers and his team.

Simon’s vision is to make the digital learning world a better place. How? By enabling organizations to respond to change more quickly, giving everyone the power to produce and manage effective digital learning at scale and allow teams to deliver learning that has a real impact.

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