Seth Blank

Seth Blank is Vice President of Standards and New Technologies at Valimail. Seth is a serial entrepreneur and startup executive with multiple acquisitions under his belt. He brings 20 years of experience in building successful teams and scalable, profitable technologies. Seth is the current co-chair of the IETF DMARC Working Group, co-chair of the M3AAWG Technical Committee and chair of the AuthIndicators Working Group developing BIMI.

phishing concept: fish hook with security locks on white background

Email phishing is at its highest level in three years, and one of the latest lines of attack capitalizes on the strict rules of GDPR, targeting executives and public-facing emails at businesses. Valimail’s Seth Blank examines how to protect your organization. While much has changed over the past year, some things have stayed the same. New email security threats now commingle with...

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