Scott Petry

Scott Petry is Co-Founder and CEO of Authentic8, maker of the Silo Cloud Browser. Prior to Authentic8, Scott founded Postini and served in a variety of C-level roles until its acquisition by Google in 2007. He served as Director of Product Management at Google until 2009. Prior to Postini, Scott was General Manager and Vice President of Cygnus Solutions (acquired by Redhat), Director of Advanced Messaging Products at SkyTel and a Product Manager at Apple Computer. He graduated with a B.S. from San Diego State University. Scott was a member of the U.S. National Rowing Team and earned a bronze medal in the world championships. Scott is currently a director of Authentic8, Virtru and Scriptrock.

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Following the announcement of record penalties for Google, British Airways and Marriott under GDPR by French and British data privacy commissioners, where will the EU's privacy watchdogs home in next? Scott Petry, CEO of Authentic8, explains how the EU's privacy commissioners are currently laying the groundwork to sanction employee-related GDPR violations next. Elizabeth Denham. If your company is doing business in Europe,...

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