Ron Arden

November 23 - Ron Arden headshotRon Arden is Vice President of Fasoo, Inc. and a regular contributor to the Fasoo blog. He has over 30 years of strategic planning, marketing, sales, business development, consulting and technical experience in the information technology and security industries.  Prior to Fasoo, he was Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at eDocument Sciences, LLC, where he drove document security, cloud and collaboration strategies and solutions.  Ron has held executive, management and technical positions at numerous organizations, including IKON Office Solutions, Digital Equipment Corporation and Wang Laboratories.

Throughout his career, Ron has participated in industry forums, speaking engagements and written articles for industry publications. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

Tips to protect high-value information

While most companies are focused on the external, malicious attackers, they may forget about the vulnerabilities that lie within their organization, such as their #1 line of defense: the employees. A recent Ponemon study found that almost three-quarters of IT security practitioners have lost confidential data in the past year and lack the ability to prevent data leakage by their very own...

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How Secure is Your HR Data?

HR is the keeper of confidential information on applicants, employees and clients and the birthplace of policy and a range of interoffice communications, from new HIPAA regulations to the holiday party. Implementing and enforcing a two-tier security approach will guard the most sensitive information in your business without bottlenecking simple communications.

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Top 10 Risk and Compliance Trends

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