Preety Kumar

Preety Kumar is the CEO of Deque Systems. She founded Deque in 1999 with the vision of unifying web access, both from the user and the technology perspective. Under Preety’s leadership, Deque has grown to be a market leader in the field of information accessibility, serving corporate and government clients – including Veterans Affairs, Department of Education, Humana, Intuit, HSBC, Target and others – with the highest standards in information technology. She collaborated with the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative and is a nominated member of the Accessibility Forum’s Strategic Management Council, a GSA sponsored group with representatives from the IT industry, academia, government agencies and disabled user groups that fosters information accessibility through mutual cooperation.

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If you think retooling your website to be fully accessible is cost prohibitive, consider the cost of noncompliance. Deque Systems CEO Preety Kumar explores what a lack of accessibility can cost an organization. Legal action taken against companies for having websites, mobile apps and docs that aren’t accessible to those who are visually, hearing or cognitively impaired and more has witnessed a...

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