Patty Tehrani

Patty P. Tehrani is an experienced compliance counsel and advisor and the founder of the Policy Patty Toolkit ( Patty has expansive knowledge and expertise on policy development as well as governance and risk management programs, processes and controls. You can follow her on LinkedIn or contact her via

Haider Settlement

The ex-compliance chief of MoneyGram International Inc. (MoneyGram) is found personally liable for MoneyGram’s AML failures. The lawsuit is unprecedented in growing regulatory efforts to impose personal liability on a compliance officer for a company program failure. Patty Tehrani offers an analysis of the settlement and lessons for compliance practitioners.

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Reviewing Key Changes The New York State Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) has revised its proposed cybersecurity rule in response to concerns submitted to its original proposal issued last September.  Patty Tehrani, lawyer and founder of Policy Patty Toolkit, outlines the changes, including to exemption sections, board reporting and notice requirements. By: Patty Tehrani An update to my article regarding the New...

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Guidance for HR from the NLRB The National Labor Relations Board continues to intensify its campaign against overly restrictive workplace social media policies. The latest target: company rules that prohibit certain activity among employees using social media. A corporation’s reach in this regard may not be nearly as long as management might like. Read on for more detail. By: Patty Tehrani Do...

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