Nellie Mayshak

Nellie Mayshak has been a global leader in public administration reform for over 30 years. She believes that building the basis for strong democratic governance starts with an efficient, responsive, transparent and accountable public administration, and she has spent her career assisting nations in advancing on this front, often as part of their recovery from conflict or transition. Nellie is also the founder of Canaf Consulting, where she applies her expertise in public administration and civil service reform to the organization’s clients in order to help create systems of efficient and accountable public administration.

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When the Public Loses Faith Corruption in government is nothing new. And it’s not limited to nations and governments that are developing or are on already shaky ground due to civil discord or poverty. The issue is how we, as a world community, combat it. Because not only does corruption exact a significant financial toll, but its influence may obscure real progress...

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