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Matt Shinkman is Practice Vice President for Risk and Audit at Gartner, where he counsels senior risk management and strategy professionals from Fortune 500 companies on the development of their risk management teams and processes. Gartner is a research and advisory company headquartered in Stamford, CT. Gartner helps business leaders across all major functions in every industry and enterprise size with the objective insights they need to make the right decisions.

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Gartner’s Matt Shinkman discusses a sound strategy to increase executive urgency to address exposure to emerging risks, including building agreement on risk impact and presenting leadership with solution options. Gartner research suggests that 90 percent of risk leaders believe their companies need to act faster to get ahead of emerging risks. “Emerging risk” is defined as “a risk that does not meaningfully...

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The Key to Increasing Decision-Making Influence In this complex risk environment where senior executives are expected to make fast decisions, they need the most actionable information in a timely manner. However, most leadership teams feel the risk information they receive isn’t actionable from a business strategy or operations perspective. In this article, Gartner’s Matt Shinkman and Chris Matlock detail how risk managers...

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with co-author Chris Matlock Making the Investment to Shift Risk Culture Risk culture, though difficult to define, is one of the most mentioned topics by Fortune 500 executives and for regulators across several industries. However, despite this visibility in quarterly calls, creating, measuring and influencing risk culture continues to defy easy answers for organizations. Yet – as Matt Shinkman and Chris Matlock...

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The single biggest differentiator of profitable growth companies is their ability to allocate capital to bigger, riskier growth bets. Rather than inhibit growth, risk is uniquely positioned to enable it. In the quest for new growth, the risk, corporate strategy and finance functions have a unique opportunity to collaborate in order to establish and align around the risk required to grow.

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Security and Privacy: Head-on Collision or Blissful Matrimony?

Data control risk is one of executives' top concerns, especially in light of the fact that the government's growing role in controlling data flows could lead to resistance among foreign partners and investors. The recent passage of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act only exacerbates this risk. So what can companies do to manage data control risk amid this rapid increase in regulations?

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Risk Appetite and Chicken Parmesan

Developing a risk appetite statement may not be your favorite task, but try to think of it as pulling together your favorite recipe. You'll serve as the primary ingredient, with the remaining components -- binding agents, critical "seasonings" and the like -- represented by other key stakeholders and contributors. The very notion takes on a different flavor then.

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