Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly HeadshotMatt Kelly is founder of Radical Compliance, which provides consulting and commentary on corporate compliance, audit, governance, and risk management. Radical Compliance also serves as Kelly’s personal blog.  As the long-time (and now former) editor of Compliance Week, Kelly writes and speaks frequently on corporate compliance, audit, and governance, and now works with various private clients to understand the those fields and to develop go-to-market strategies or provide other assistance in reaching audiences of compliance professionals.

Trump supporters on the steps of the Capitol

Corporate America might be hoping that the difficult issues raised by President Trump’s attempted coup last week and the remaining days of his term will somehow pass them by. Too bad. What Trump has unleashed isn’t something businesses will be able to avoid. In several practical ways, dealing with Trump and his minions — both right now, and after Trump leaves office...

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american flag made out of bullets

This week Tom Fox and I dedicated our usual Compliance Into the Weeds podcast to the ethics and compliance implications of the mass shootings that happened in El Paso and Dayton last weekend. Nobody relishes analyzing something so painful for so many — but corporations are foolish to ignore what’s happening in this country, and increasingly they can’t escape it, either. So let’s...

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