Mark Peter Taylor

Mark Peter Taylor is a Compliance Consultant at International Compliance Association. Mark is an accomplished compliance professional with extensive experience of developing training solutions within the financial services sector. Having led and supported compliance teams across different jurisdictions, he now prepares and presents training programs to boards, senior management teams and governance forums. His aim is to provide thought-provoking programmes which contain an international perspective.

Before working for ICA, Mark held various senior management positions with HSBC, Standard Bank and Lloyds Banking Group. He understands the challenges faced when managing regulatory risks and is keen to help you develop practical solutions in response to risk and remediation priorities.

woman's hand touching beam of light on digital blue screen

Are you grappling with the practical implications of new technologies? What does it all mean from a regulatory and organizational perspective, and what does the future look like for compliance pros? ICA’s Mark Taylor weighs in. Do you remember the sound of the dial-up modem? An alien ting-a-ling sound interrupted by peculiar beeping noises and a droning burr? The Early Days If...

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