Lindsay Dagiantis

Lindsay Dagiantis joined Envoy as the Vice President of Human Resources in 2017. She is responsible for directing all aspects of the employee life cycle. She is an experienced HR and recruiting professional with 12 years of recruiting and HR experience in fast-growing, highly competitive industries.  In her role at Envoy, Lindsay leverages data-backed decisions to effectively attract, grow and retain the best talent possible for the organization. Prior to Envoy, Lindsey held various roles in HR leadership and recruiting at Rise Interactive and Omnicom Media Group.

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A Guide to Multidisciplinary Collaboration Companies seeking global talent must necessarily contend with immigration matters, but HR needn’t go it alone. Envoy’s Lindsay Dagiantis shares her expertise on issues around immigration compliance. The responsibility of hiring global talent often falls squarely on the shoulders of HR. Because of the significant legal and compliance requirements associated with hiring foreign nationals – and because 55...

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Compliance Job Interview Q&A
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    SEC Charges Green Energy Company and Two Senior Officers with Offering Fraud Charges
  • Raymond Starker June 18, 2019
    SEC Charges New Jersey Investor with Insider Trading
  • Alton Perkins, et al. June 14, 2019
    SEC Charges North Carolina Businessman and His Companies with Fraudulent Offering Scam

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