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John Arendes is the Vice President and GM Global Compliance Solutions at Skillsoft. John is responsible for the leading the direction of Skillsoft’s Global Compliance solutions, ensuring the company’s compliance programs have a multinational impact on organizations. John works closely with many clients in identifying best practices for successful compliance training programs. John’s experience crosses multiple verticals in dealing with compliance training. Prior to joining Skillsoft, John was Head of Compliance Learning, North America for Thomson Reuters.

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Raising Awareness Through Compliance Training When discussing the problem of bullying, we often overlook not only the victims, but also their fate. As bullies join the workforce, they continue to find targets, and the severity of their bullying behavior escalates. To address the 60.3 million U.S. workers bullying affects, companies must inform and educate their employees through an effective compliance strategy. Just...

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Engaging Training for Workplace Safety Given the recent prevalence of gun violence, businesses and organizations should conduct training and practice emergency response procedures for an active shooter with the same frequency as fire drills or other emergencies. Compliance training should be engaging, and emergency procedures need to be second nature so that staff are equipped to respond effectively under stress. According to...

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There has been an undeniable evolution in how learners retain, process and apply information. Gone are the days where employees were required to attend day-long, instructor-led compliance training sessions or forced to click through outdated, lengthy, unengaging PowerPoint presentations. If organizations want to ensure that compliance training and the important messages within it truly “stick,” the methods of delivering the training must...

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