Jody Paterson

Jody Paterson is a trusted governance, risk and compliance advisor and thought leader who is a Certified Information Security Specialist (CISSP), a Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA), a KPMG veteran and founder of ERP Maestro.


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There are a number of factors impacting employee satisfaction – among them the recession and organizations’ increased reliance on remote work. ERP Maestro’s Jody Paterson discusses how employee engagement and fraud are related. The frequency of insider incidents – namely fraud and internal data breaches – has tripled in the past four years, according to 2020 research. It’s tempting to associate increased...

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ERP Maestro's CEO Jody Paterson discusses cybersecurity risk disclosure and compliance and how executives are being held more personally accountable for nondisclosure as outlined by the SEC. Companies face a multitude of risks and threats. Reporting them to stakeholders and investors is a requirement, and serious consequences may ensue for a failure to do so – for the company and, increasingly, for...

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