Jim Nortz

Jim NortzJim Nortz is a nationally recognized expert and thought leader in the field of business ethics and compliance.

Jim spent the first 17 years of his career as a litigator trying both criminal and civil cases before becoming Crompton Corporation’s first Vice President, Business Ethics and Compliance in 2003.

Since then, Jim has served as a compliance officer at Crompton and for four other multinational corporations, as well as Corporate Compliance Director at Sutherland Global Services.  Currently he serves as Chief Compliance Officer for Carestream Health.

Mr. Nortz is a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business, RIT’s Saunders School of Business, St. John Fisher College and Nazareth College.

Jim writes the monthly business ethics columns for the Association of Corporate Counsel Docket magazine and the Rochester Business Journal and is a contributing writer for Corporate Compliance Insights and The Business Journals.

Jim served on the Board of Directors for the Ethics and Compliance Officers Association (“ECOA”) for eight years. He currently serves on the Board of the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation and is a member of the Rochester chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

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Why You Need to Operationalize Your Business Ethics

Most organizations espouse ethical practices, but it's the rare few that operationalize their ethical standards, weaving them into the very fabric of the organization so that their core values are reflected in all of their practices, from hiring and performance reviews to rewards and recognition and firings. Walking out these values doesn't happen by chance.

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Reflections on a Failure of Leadership

Strong leaders don't just know the right thing to do, they want to do it and then make it happen. Jim Nortz shares an experience in which he saw need for drastic, immediate change, pulled the necessary stakeholders together to devise a strategy, and then watched as the would-be plan fizzled and died. There were multiple failures that day, and Jim admits...

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Some Reflections on Cheating in Business

It's said that the measure of a person's character is how they behave when no one is looking. Cheating at work can be a very alluring idea, especially when it seems there will be no victims and great benefit. Corporate counsel can have quite the job ahead of them in battling morally questionable conduct, but Jim Nortz offers several suggestions for how...

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Advising Clients to Pursue an Honorable Course

As often as not, our clients come to us with difficult problems, expecting more than a recitation of the law; they want to know the right (honorable) thing to do. This is both a great privilege and a great responsibility, and shame on us if we lack the courage of our convictions to steer our clients in the right direction.

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An Earthquake Survival Guide

Until a crisis presents itself, it's not apparent from the outside whether sufficient resources have been dedicated to managing risks. But if and when that disaster eventually arrives, it will be too late to plan for the worst. Take proactive, preventive steps now to ensure your firm is prepared to handle its greatest risks and boost its chances of survival considerably.

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Curing Ethical Blindness

We all have blind spots, literally and figuratively. This in itself isn't a problem, but failure to acknowledge these blind spots and intentionally check them when making key moves most definitely is. It may be the reason otherwise brilliant business people and leading corporations find themselves on the wrong side of the law, answering for major ethical lapses.

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