Jay Fitzhugh

Jay G. Fitzhugh is the Chief Regulatory Officer within the GRC Division of Mitratech. His responsibilities include client consultation on Mitratech GRC Operational Risk Solutions application design, partnership strategy, configuration and client deployment, with focus upon the evolving regulatory and business risks captured and managed through enterprise risk management and governance (ERM/GRC), resiliency and recovery (BCP/DR), and third-party risk management (TPRM; Know Your Vendor).

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Remember the panic around Y2K? Jay Fitzhugh, Chief Regulatory Officer at Mitratech, discusses why we are facing down a similar issue with the concept of negative interest.   Negative interest has become quite the buzzword in financial circles, but what exactly is it? A negative interest environment occurs when the nominal interest rate drops below zero percent for a specific economic zone....

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The Fourth-Party Challenge The identification and monitoring of fourth-party vendors has become an increasingly important piece of the vendor management puzzle, especially with the announcement of SSAE 18, which takes effect in just a few months.  SSAE 18 requires the monitoring of your third-parties’ subcontractors – your fourth parties – which can be difficult to trace. By now you are likely aware...

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