Itzhak Assaraf

Itzhak Assaraf is CTO and Co-Founder of, a global leader in personal data and networks analytics. He has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of technology, software, network, security and hardware. Itzhak has held senior management positions with companies including Leumicard, Sapiens, Praxel, Inc. and Wirebilling. He holds a software engineering degree in computer science from Sela University.

Keeping Up with Ever-Changing Privacy Regulations

Trying to keep up with ever-changing privacy regulations may feel like running on a treadmill; sure, you’re moving — but you aren't getting anywhere.’s Itzhak Assaraf discusses a solid strategy for dealing with this constant change. Data and Privacy Regulations: The Ultimate Moving Targets Keeping on top of something that never stops shifting is challenging. Consider for a moment the information...

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