Erkin Adylov

Erkin Adylov is the Founder and Chief Executive of Behavox, the world’s only AI-based data operating platform used by firms to catch misconduct before it causes massive regulatory fines and company crises. An innovative leader, Erkin introduced AI and machine learning to the compliance and conduct space, incorporating numerous languages and communication channels across multinational corporations. Prior to founding Behavox in 2014, Erkin worked in the highest levels of finance as a partner at GLG and as a successful equities analyst at Goldman Sachs.

illustration of man on ladder with binoculars, 2021 outlook concept

Behavox CEO Erkin Adylov unpacks compliance trends that financial firms would be wise to focus on amidst the ongoing challenge of flexible working arrangements in 2021. If they fail to adjust compliance protocols accordingly, these firms could face massive regulatory fines. 2020 was a year like no other. COVID-19 forced financial firms to transition to a distributed workforce with employees working from...

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Behavox CEO Erkin Adylov discusses the serious reputational and monetary consequences financial firms face as a result of today’s remote working environment. The threat of employee misconduct has pushed corporate risk to new heights. Cast your minds back to the end of 2019. The headquarters of financial firms were bustling, full of people blissfully unaware that the following year would represent the...

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