Donna Boehme

Donna Boehme is an internationally recognized authority in the field of compliance and ethics, designing and managing compliance and ethics solutions for a wide spectrum of organizations. Founder and Principal of Compliance Strategists, a N.J.-based consulting firm, Boehme is the former chief compliance and ethics officer for two leading multinationals. She is a frequent speaker to business and professional groups, including as keynote speaker to Compliance Week Europe (Brussels), Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada (Ottawa), Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, International Financial Executives Leadership Forum (Montreal) and Network for Good Business Ethics and Non-Financial Reporting (Copenhagen).She has been invited to speak twice on international corporate compliance and ethics topics at the U.K. House of Lords. Boehme is also co-chair and co-founder of the RAND Compliance and Ethics Symposia series, an important vehicle of thought leadership for the profession. She has been named a Trust Across America 2018 Lifetime Achievement Honoree, is a recipient of the 2014 SCCE International Compliance and Ethics 10th Anniversary Award as the “Lion of Compliance” for extraordinary contributions to the field, and was named as Who Compliance Professionals Should Follow on Twitter in 2013 by ComplianceX. Donna Boehme can be reached at [email protected].

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Meaningful ethical leadership drives cultures of integrity and trust at modern workplaces. Gatekeepers need to forget “tone at the top” and educate, coach and hold CEOs, boards and management to a higher standard than a checklist and catchy phrase. In 2014, I decided to put the greatly overused phrase “tone at the top” on my banned list. I did that because its...

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novartis headquarters in basel, switzerland

Pharma Giant Graduates to Compliance 2.0 Donna Boehme, the "Lion of Compliance," comments on Novartis as a new "rock star" on the corporate compliance landscape, observing that the company has elevated its approach to compliance, culture and trust to best practice “Compliance 2.0” status – first, with its 2014 appointment of an independent and empowered CECO with true compliance SME (earned in the field) and now, with the elevation...

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Dear CCOs: What is Your Mandate??

Detect, Fix or Prevent Problems Before They Become a Crisis Donna Boehme, the "Lion of Compliance," explains the singular imperative of a clear, written mandate for effective compliance programs, and offers a Sample Mandate, below. One of the most important features of any compliance program is its written Mandate. The correctly scoped mandate, approved by the Board and understood by senior management,...

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chain breaking

“Collaboration, not Subordination” Captive compliance programs are hamstrung programs. Compliance officers who enjoy independence and are able to collaborate with legal, HR and other key business teams… they’ll be far more effective. We’ve long discussed the need for compliance officers to have a seat at the table. It’s time for businesses to graduate to Compliance 2.0. By: Donna Boehme I recently read...

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HSBC’s Indiana Jones Compliance

It's maddening to watch companies in compliance trouble make the rookie mistake of believing that a high profile candidate with a legal, regulatory, law firm or prosecutorial background is the silver bullet for compliance problems. If a best practice ethics and compliance program is what you need, the place to go is to the profession with the subject matter expertise.

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