Don Andrews

Don Andrews

don-andrewsDon Andrews is a partner in Venable’s Corporate Group and co-leads the effort in compliance and risk management. Mr. Andrews has over 27 years of federal and private sector experience in litigation, compliance and risk management, advising banks, broker-dealers, asset advisers, hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity firms, trust companies and investment advisors on domestic and international regulatory matters. He has successfully worked with regulators of all types, including the OCC, Federal Reserve, SEC, FINRA, FDIC and state and international regulatory authorities.

Prior to joining Venable, Mr. Andrews was the Global Compliance Director and Director of Risk Management for Bessemer Trust Company, a complex of six banks, foreign and domestic investment advisors, broker-dealers, hedge funds, private equity and mutual fund complex. While at Bessemer, he successfully developed and implemented the firm’s Compliance and Risk Management Program across 19 offices, including its U.K. and Cayman operations. Mr. Andrews also worked as the Chief Compliance Officer at Van Kampen Investments, where he was also responsible for compliance and operational infrastructure, and as Deputy General Counsel for EVEREN Securities, where he handled numerous litigation and arbitration matters.

Mr. Andrews’ experience as a Chief Compliance Officer brings a unique perspective to his advisory work for compliance professionals. He works with legal, compliance and operational teams for investment firms on meeting regulatory requirements, addressing regulatory change and implementing enterprise risk management programs. He also advises CCOs who may, in the current regulatory environment, face direct liability for violating securities laws. He has served as both a Bank Secrecy Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer for banks and foreign entities and successfully implemented AML and BSA programs in a number of contexts. In addition, he also provides compliance reviews and remediations to financial and investment management firms and advises U.K. companies on establishing a presence in the United States and registering with the SEC. Finally, he advises financial firms on pending and current enforcement matters before the SEC and banking and other regulators.

Mr. Andrews began his career with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Special Trial Counsel and Branch Chief, prosecuting cases in Federal District Court and in administrative proceedings. In this position, he worked with the FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office and foreign regulators. He has an exemplary record before multiple regulators, both foreign and domestic.

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