Dennis Keglovits

Dennis Keglovits is Vice President of Services at LockPath. With more than 20 years as a recognized leader in the professional services industry, Keglovits leads LockPath’s support, education and professional services’ teams – created to assist clients in the deployment and ongoing support of their clients. Previously, Keglovits served in regional and national leadership roles for international consulting firms, tasked with delivering creative solutions to some of the world’s most established brands. During this time, he was awarded multiple national achievement awards for his work related to large project management and product development.

diagram of internal audit on chalkboard

May is Internal Audit Awareness Month. What better time to discuss the challenges that come with preparing for audits and what companies can do to be better prepared? This article highlights trends in IA, insights into how auditors can continue to push their organizations forward and advice on how to better manage communication with the board by making education a priority.

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