David Harding

David Harding is CTO at ImageWare Systems. An accomplished, international executive with more than 25 years of technology implementation and management experience, David is responsible for strategic design, technology infrastructure and core strategy from concept through delivery.

Before joining ImageWare Systems in 2006, David held several CTO positions, with the most recent at IC Solutions, Inc., where he was responsible for all technology departments, including the management of software development, IT and quality assurance as well as their respective hardware, software and human budgets. He has also held CTO and executive management positions at several technology companies, such as Thirsty.com, Fulcrum Point Technologies, Inc., ProSoft and Access360, which is now part of IBM/Tivoli.

screen scanning finger for print

With over 80 percent of data breaches resulting from compromised passwords, biometric authentication systems emerge as a solution to avoid multimillion-dollar losses, hefty fines and burdensome management of multiple complex passwords. ImageWare’s David Harding discusses. Passwords don’t work anymore; in fact, they never have. The first record of a password being used was in 413 BC. The Greek army used memorized secrets...

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