David Carns

David Carns is the Chief Revenue Officer of Casepoint. He joined Casepoint as a Director of Client Services in 2010 and rose through the ranks to Chief Strategy Officer until his most recent promotion in 2019. In addition to being a recovering attorney, David possesses a lifelong passion for technology and its advancements. Prior to joining Casepoint, David Carns’ positions included Director of Practice Technology at a premier global law firm, Technology Consultant, and Director of Technology. Carns holds a Juris Doctorate from The John Marshall Law School and a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from DePauw University.

man holding mobile phone against grassy backdrop

An internal investigation can feel like a high-stakes game of needle-in-the-haystack, and current world challenges set that haystack on fire. Casepoint’s David Carns addresses how organizations can plan to respond effectively while avoiding cost and risk. While most of today’s law departments are highly proactive when it comes to e-discovery and have solid workflows and tools for managing the entire process, internal...

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