Chris Perram

Chris Perram is CEO of FileFacets. In 2000, Chris Perram capitalized on his 15 years of Information Governance expertise by launching his own consultancy, turning it into an internationally recognized centre of excellence for functional classification and metadata modeling. For over a decade, Mr. Perram provided world class IG solutions to the largest companies and governments in the world before pivoting the company to FileFacets in 2015. Chris has created an award-winning SaaS-based privacy compliance and enterprise discovery solution that is adopted around the world.

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3 Hidden Traps Associated with GDPR

Posted by - September 22, 2017
Avoiding the Challenges to Ensure Compliance Many companies aren’t ready for the looming GDPR deadline, and they face real hurdles in getting to “compliant.” FileFacets, an enterprise analytics and privacy…
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