Caterina Bulgarella

Caterina Bulgarella, Ethics Advisor and Culture Architect at SAI Global, is a highly experienced leader with 15 years of advisory work in the field of culture, ethics and human capital metrics. She’s delivered transformative services, action plans and interventions to numerous organizations across a variety of industries (e.g., IT, pharma, health services, defense, finance). Over the years, Caterina has been a thought partner to senior executives on a range of issues, including corporate culture, business ethics, change management, leadership development, employee engagement and talent management.

Caterina holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, and M.A.s in Personnel Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology from New York University (NYU). She also holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Venice, Ca Foscari (Italy). She is currently serving as an adjunct professor in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master Program at New York University, where she teaches graduate courses in organizational behavior.

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Organizations must re-architect the context (culture) in which employees make decisions, simplifying ethical dilemmas and increasing ethical capacity. SAI Global’s Strategic Culture Framework provides a robust approach to achieving these objectives. Disruptive technologies, unexpected market shifts, widespread political uncertainty, conflicting stakeholder expectations and a host of other forces are reshaping today’s business landscape. Confronted with mounting challenges and unprecedented levels of complexity...

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An Increased Focus on Measuring Behavior In 2018, all signs point to an increased focus on measuring behavior and a deeper understanding of program effectiveness. Learn more about this trend below, and read all eight of SAI Global’s trends and predictions here. Advances in ethics and compliance training technology and learning management systems (LMS), as well as a growing maturity within ethics...

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