Brian Lee

Brian Lee is a Practice Leader in CEB’s Compliance & Legal Practice, which provides best practices research, benchmarking and management consulting advice to more than 1,500 legal, compliance and privacy heads worldwide.  He is responsible for the practice’s overall research agenda, strategic vision and day-to-day operations.  While at CEB, Brian has led a number of qualitative and quantitative research initiatives on a wide range of legal, compliance and privacy department issues, including risk assessment and management; department strategy and effectiveness; training and communications; and building an ethical corporate culture.

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Beyond Anti-Harassment Training

Posted by - October 9, 2018
A Holistic Approach to Addressing Harassment As cultural movements continue to raise awareness about misconduct, compliance and ethics programs are putting more power behind training their employees on how to…
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3 Ways GDPR Will Help Privacy Executives

Posted by - January 19, 2018
With the GDPR implementation deadline quickly approaching, many organizations are extremely focused on meeting specific regulatory requirements. However, GDPR is just the starting line. Here Brian Lee and Stephanie Quaranta highlight how…
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Managing Employee-Driven Privacy Risk

Posted by - June 12, 2017
Risk Profiles for Key Employee Groups It’s becoming an all-too-familiar scenario: a hacker steals an organization’s customer and employee data, creating substantial remediation costs, slowing down the business and generating…
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