Anant Kale and Josephine McCann

Anant KaleAnant Kale is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AppZen. Anant is responsible for the development the company’s vision, building the team and execution. Anant has more than 15 years of experience in developing complex software. Prior to AppZen, he served as Vice President of Applications at Fujitsu America, where he was responsible for strategy, product management and delivery of Fujitsu’s mission-critical applications and infrastructure for enterprise, mobile and commerce. Anant earned an MBA from the University of Mumbai in Finance and Engineering.
Josephine McCann is a Product Marketing Manager at AppZen, where she loves crafting content and telling exciting stories.
surprised businessman looking at large bill

What happens when employees add a few out-of-policy expenses? If reports are reviewed manually, these items might slip right on through, but an AI solution can help flag them. Anant Kale and Josephine McCann of AppZen highlight some of the craziest expenses they’ve seen. Employees who are unfamiliar with your company travel and entertainment (T&E) policy may accidentally submit an out-of-policy expense...

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