Alan Morley


Alan Morley is Head of AML and Compliance Practice at GFT.  Alan has extensive experience in financial regulations in the U.S., UK and elsewhere and is a proven leader in the strategic use of technology to enhance business policies, processes and performance in global risk and compliance (GRC).

Over the last 18 years, he has worked with global banks on improving anti-money laundering transaction monitoring capabilities, control room surveillance, OFAC sanctions filtering, 314a screening, KYC and client remediation processes, legal discovery and regulatory risk assessments. With GFT, he works with clients from all regions throughout the U.S., EU, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

Regulatory scrutiny of the insurance industry has never been more acute. Government regulators from a host of disparate disciplines are intensely focused on making sure we have the controls in place to avoid another financial meltdown. Compounding matters, insurance companies have begun to look more and more like financial services companies, taking deposits, underwriting interest rate and debt swaps, and adding collateralized...

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