Ajit Sancheti

Ajit Sancheti is CEO and Co-Founder of Prēempt, pioneer of the industry’s first Behavioral Firewall that helps enterprises preempt malicious breaches and insider threats in real-time. He has over 20 years of experience in IT security and executive leadership.



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New data privacy and cybersecurity regulations including the NY DFS and the EU GDPR are causing companies to tighten up on their controls and map their security programs to match the requirements in order to avoid punitive corrective actions and steep fines for violations. To be effective, controls and security solutions must account for the human factor.

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  • Equal Earth, Inc., et al. June 18, 2019
    SEC Charges Green Energy Company and Two Senior Officers with Offering Fraud Charges
  • Raymond Starker June 18, 2019
    SEC Charges New Jersey Investor with Insider Trading
  • Alton Perkins, et al. June 14, 2019
    SEC Charges North Carolina Businessman and His Companies with Fraudulent Offering Scam

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