Adam Shnider

Adam Shnider is the Executive Vice President of the Cyber Assurance Services at Coalfire. He has extensive experience as an information security leader, including security organization, architecture and operations program development. Adam also has considerable experience in audit and assessment planning and enterprise risk management. His experience includes serving clients in a wide variety of industries, including technology, cloud service providers, health care, financial services and retail.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Ohio State University and numerous industry certifications.

white tesla in showroom

Organizations should look beyond traditional approaches and aspire to create a well-oiled security and compliance engine that runs efficiently and economically. Coalfire’s Adam Shnider discusses a better path forward. When an automotive company like Tesla works to design the ideal automobile – one that will disrupt a 120-year-old industry – they begin with a vision. Then, they work to make that vision...

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man in suit manipulating compliance technology on virtual screen

2018 demonstrated that cyber threats are far from being tackled. Coalfire’s Adam Shnider discusses how in 2019, we can expect compliance and governmental bodies to set the bar even higher to protect data. While it may appear that enterprise security teams and compliance frameworks have stepped up their game to address cybersecurity risk, this past year evidenced the fact that cyber threats...

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