Aarti Maharaj

Aarti Maharaj is Executive Editor and Director of Communications at Ethisphere. She has been a Business Journalist for over seven years. Most recently, Aarti served as the Digital Content Editor at Compliance Week, where she covered compliance, risk and corporate governance news both in Europe and around the world. She was also the Editor of Compliance Week’s Global Glimpses blog. Aarti has moderated many compliance-related panels at Ethisphere and Compliance in the U.S. and Europe.

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businessman and businesswoman

Baker Botts recently sponsored a diversity summit in New York, and one common theme throughout the event was the need for organizations to treat gender parity as a business imperative. Companies tend to approach the issue seriously, but many fail to measure results, which complicates any effort to drive incremental improvements. Ethisphere's Aarti Maharaj covered the event and discusses the research and...

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Peeking Through the Windows

Today we take a look at how Microsoft drives integrity and compliance in all they do. The company’s Microsoft Runs on Trust campaign was designed to embed and promote a culture of trust and transparency. Also key is the multinational corporation’s commitment to ensuring not only the right tone at the top, but also a complementary “echo from the bottom.”

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Brexit to impact governance, compliance

The Brexit vote, cast in late June, sent global stock markets reeling and inspired many investors to shift their big bucks somewhere other than the British pound. Britain’s vote to leave the EU set in motion a wave of regulatory change we’ve not yet begun to feel the extent of. So where does this leave companies with operations in the U.K. and...

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