Trade Compliance VP (Warsaw, IN)

The VP Trade Compliance leads the Company’s global Trade Compliance program. This includes advising and supporting Company leadership in the (i) development, implementation and maintenance of comprehensive trade compliance controls designed to ensure adherence with relevant trade compliance laws and regulations associated with the Company’s global organization and (ii) monitoring of Company business activities for adherence to established trade compliance controls. This also includes directing and managing a team of Trade Compliance professionals in the execution of operational Trade Compliance processes within the Company organization including: conducting trade compliance risk assessments, developing and maintaining trade compliance-related policies and procedures, monitoring for trade compliance trends and outliers, reporting trade compliance metrics and activities, providing trade compliance education and communications, managing trade compliance incidents and responding to trade compliance regulatory audit inquiries.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Strategy
    • Provide strategic leadership for the Company’s global Trade Compliance program processes
    • Partner with senior executives (e.g., business, legal, regulatory, IT, internal audit) to identify trade compliance risks in existing and emerging operational areas
    • Prepare the annual Trade Compliance program work plan to maximize the effectiveness of the Trade Compliance program
    • Provide guidance to operational leadership in developing policies, operational procedures and practices that are compliant with the relevant laws, regulations and Company corporate Trade Compliance policies and procedures
    • Provide senior leadership, the Compliance Committee and the Board of Directors / Audit Committee with regular reports on the results of Trade Compliance program activities to facilitate assessment of the effectiveness of the activities
  • Management
    • Oversee and guide the Trade Compliance risk assessment process, including the development of action plans based on risk assessment results
    • Oversee and guide the process for identifying new, revised and proposed trade compliance related laws, regulations and standards (collectively, regulatory requirements) relevant to the Company’s global business and facilitating cross-functional evaluation of business and compliance impact to address new and revised regulatory requirements
    • Oversee the development, implementation and maintenance of corporate Trade Compliance policies and procedures that address applicable import regulations and export regulations (including economic and trade sanctions), as well as the use of third parties that act on the Company’s behalf for relevant import and export activities
    • Oversee the development and execution of training on corporate Trade Compliance policies and procedures
    • Oversee and guide the development and delivery of ongoing Trade Compliance communications
    • Oversee and guide the development and maintenance of ongoing Trade Compliance monitoring activities to proactively identify and address trade compliance risks throughout the Company’s global organization, as well as those associated with the use of relevant third parties
    • Oversee the process for tracking, triaging and trending all reports of potential non-compliance related to Trade Compliance matters
    • Oversee and guide the collection of the results of Trade Compliance program activities and preparation of reports for senior leadership, the Compliance Committee and the Board of Directors/Audit Committee

Expected Areas of Competence

  • Subject matter expertise including US export administration regulations (EAR), US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), US Foreign Trade Regulations, US Customs and Border Patrol Regulations, US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), US Anti-boycott Regulations, Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Classifications and Valuation Agreement, Country of Origin/Marking & Labeling Requirements, Duty Preference Programs, Federal Sentencing Guidelines, and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Formulating and communicating a strategic vision for compliance and leading strategic projects and initiatives relating to the compliance function
  • Driving change in a business, including working with a corporate management team contributing to company-wide strategy and implementation
  • Identifying, analyzing and prioritizing trade compliance risks and determining potential impact to an organization
  • Establishing and developing an annual compliance work plan
  • Applying regulatory requirements in complex scenarios
  • Establishing and communicating compliance procedures and policies pertaining to trade compliance laws and regulation
  • Navigating an organization through a regulator audit, including writing responses to regulators, drafting corrective action plans (CAPs) and/or lifting sanctions
  • Planning, developing, and managing departmental expense and capital budgets
  • Superior oral and written communication/presentation skills
  • Demonstrated customer service skillset
  • Proficient with programs and databases such as Excel, Word, Microsoft X, ERP, SAP, Oracle, etc.
  • Understanding of Food and Drug Administration, ISO and other regulations covering import of medical instruments a strong plus

Education/Experience Requirements

  • 10+ years’ experience international trade compliance (import and export) management, including management experience across multiple jurisdictions
  • Prefers a Master’s degree or JD from an accredited college or university; requires a Bachelor’s degree

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