Common Mistakes Made By Small Businesses That Lead to Non-Compliance

Small and medium-sized businesses face a number of challenges simply due to the fact that they run smaller operations. One area that simply cannot be neglected, though, is HR compliance. The potential damage -- both financially and reputationally -- stemming from a discrimination suit or a violation of federal benefits regulations could be crippling. Here's what ... Read More


How to Make Your Code of Conduct More Engaging

If walking employees through the code of conduct involves sitting them down in front of a 50-page document, armed with a fresh pot of coffee, then you're doing it wrong. How much of that massive missive do you think they're likely to remember? Assuming retention is the aim here, may we suggest some alternate strategies? Make ... Read More

different languages

Using a Risk Model as a Common Language

Risk management cannot possibly go well when the parties involved aren't speaking the same (risk) language. Minimize misunderstandings by making sure that everyone involved is operating from the same framework when it comes to uncertainty in environment, process and information for decision making. Jim DeLoach breaks down for us exactly what that means. Read More


7 Key Actions to Accelerate Your Ethics and Compliance Program

If your ethics and compliance program seems to be dead in the water, don't despair yet. There are several actions you can take first to either launch the program or breathe new life into it. Michael Volkov outlines seven such steps. Follow these recommendations to get the program off the ground and position the organization for ... Read More


Culture Drives Reputation

Culture, ethics and compliance are inextricably linked. Where employees have faith in leadership to do the right thing, and where they see it being done from day to day, compliance is likely not to be an issue. Where there's a clear lack of communication and poor decision making at the top, morale plummets and reputation will undoubtedly ... Read More


What Every Board Member Should Know About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is as pressing a problem as ever, so the discussions around how to maintain privacy and protect the business should not only be ongoing, but also be happening at the Board level, involving senior management and other power players in the organization. As scams and hackers' schemes evolve, so to should your company's understanding of the risks ... Read More


Seamus Heaney and Compliance With a Seat at the Table

When assessing compliance challenges ahead of an expansion into a new market, the CCO or compliance practitioner has quite the job on his or her hands. Tom Fox offers up four basic questions to consider when walking through analysis, third-party due diligence and developing a plan to ensure ongoing compliance both with the FCPA and any in-country regulatory ... Read More


Do You Have a Cybersecurity Problem?

If you believe cybersecurity risks are entirely the purview of the IT department, you're not alone. But you're also mistaken. Compliance has to partner with IT in conducting risk assessments, addressing threats and implementing solutions to keep the organization both on the technological forefront and protected as much as possible from data breaches. Read More

risk vs. reward

Compliance Attitudes in High-Risk Markets

That a certain market is high-risk is no reason not to do business there. If entering into the Russian or Chinese market, for example, can be financially advantageous, your CCO ought to be able to develop a program and budget to prevent and detect violations there. The catch is that the CCO must be involved in the ... Read More

new frontier

The New Frontier in Anti-Corruption Efforts

Ten years ago, talking about ethics in the context of business was a conversation stopper, much less a global campaign to combat corruption. But the world has been reshaped, as Seidman notes. The two spheres of the personal and professional are no longer clearly distinct and separate in a world that has gone from connected to interconnected to interdependent. Read More

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