Understanding and Reducing Business Travel Risks for Employees

Companies doing business internationally face a great deal of risks and challenges. This article explores the necessity of accounting for employees' health and safety while they travel abroad. Having international insurance coverage may not be enough. Here, Mike Kelly addresses ways to reduce travel risk and ensure your staff are protected both stateside and overseas. Read More

tower of babel

Risk Management’s Tower of Babel

Put a dozen leaders in a room, set them to the task of defining risk management and you'll quickly find that when it comes to risk, most of us are speaking different languages. If Risk Managers are to be effective -- in everyone's eyes -- we'd all better find some common ground in terms of what constitutes a ... Read More


Supplier Risk Management – Interconnected Processes

The processes driving large-scale change are necessarily interconnected. The same can be said for the processes involved in risk management within the supplier chain. Tom Fox outlines six overarching steps for effectively identifying and mitigating supplier risks -- one leading feeding directly into the next -- in order to maintain anti-corruption and anti-bribery compliance among third ... Read More

map of cairo

Managing Country Risk

There are a myriad of risks to take into account when doing business abroad. Multinationals necessarily face a broader range of risks than smaller organizations do, therefore their risk management practices must be more robust. They must continually assess political landscapes, trends in similar countries and exposure to confiscation, among other concerns. Read More

sales growth

Don’t Get Testy with Salespeople

When you go to hire sales staff, keep in mind that no test can give you a clear picture of their abilities or hint at the successes they can achieve for your company. For salespeople, the best predictor of future results actually does lie in past performance. Linda Henman outlines today exactly why you shouldn't give prospective ... Read More

flight checklist

Replace Seat-of-the-Pants Flying With a More Systematic Approach

Taking to the skies or trying to land without first running through a flight checklist may mean you don't get where you're going at all, but instead wind up somewhere between your departure and arrival destinations, surrounded by plane wreckage. As with piloting an aircraft, leading a company is a complex business and one that requires a methodical, ... Read More


Be a Control Freak When it comes to Your Enterprise Content

We hold our most valuable possessions under lock and key, safe from criminals who would take them from us. Then why are we - individuals and corporations both - so lax with our data, which if stolen could do us such great harm? Many companies store data with cloud service providers without a great grasp on the ... Read More

Chicken Parmesan

Risk Appetite and Chicken Parmesan

Developing a risk appetite statement may not be your favorite task, but try to think of it as pulling together your favorite recipe. You'll serve as the primary ingredient, with the remaining components -- binding agents, critical "seasonings" and the like -- represented by other key stakeholders and contributors. The very notion takes on a different flavor ... Read More

behind bars

Anti-Corruption Enforcement in Brazil Heats Up Against Individuals

The winds of change have reached Brazil, and it's fast becoming clear that the Brazilian government is putting the kibosh on corruption there. Violations of the Clean Companies Act have yet to bring about enforcement actions, but meanwhile, authorities are prosecuting individuals. Here, Matteson Ellis covers three high-profile cases and considers what they may portend. Read More

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