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Corporate Governance in the Era of the NSA

Many of us knew before the Edward Snowden revelations that the government's reach is long, but when it was made clear just how much they truly have access to, it's fair to say that there were chills all around. Regardless of industry, organizations have a responsibility to protect consumer, patient or user data. If we don't know ... Read More


Russian Roulette with Security Breaches

Many organizations aren't taking data security seriously, despite the fact that hackers continue to breach relatively secure systems at large corporations, subjecting those companies to reputational harm and loss of consumer trust. Some have recovered just fine, but smaller businesses don't bounce back as quickly. The fact is, a breach will happen to your company, too, sooner ... Read More


Preparing Effective SARs: New SAR Form, One Year Later

Last year, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) updated their Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) form to allow for far more detail to be provided. The SAR is an integral part of an investigation of alleged financial crimes, and with the expanded form, law enforcement is able to get a clearer picture of the incident or incidents in question. ... Read More

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To the NFL – Show More Than Ethics, Show Some Humanity

The NFL has been all over the news lately, and it's not for any of its teams' upsets or losses. Not on the field, anyway. Two scandals involving domestic violence -- and the league's treatment of the perpetrators -- have led to public outrage, with many viewing the punishments, initially little more than a slap on ... Read More


And the Surveys Go On

We're inundated with survey requests, and they seem to come from all directions - pop-ups on websites, grocery store receipts, in the wrap-up lingo at the end of a customer service phone call... But is this really the best way for companies to be gathering information on their customer experiences? Linda Henman suggests not. Sometimes the more ... Read More


Burn After Reading? A Better Approach to Securing Shared Information

A burn-after-reading approach to handling data security might be sexy, but it's not terribly practical. And except in very extreme circumstances - say, if you're dealing with international spies - it's altogether unnecessary. There are far more sensible solutions on the market already, and encrypting data, rather than attempting to restrict access to its location, is the ... Read More

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Conselium Completes Search on Behalf of Orthofix, International

Conselium Executive Search has completed a search on behalf of Orthofix International. Mr. David Boone began his role of Director of Compliance on 7-14-14 in their office in Lewisville, Texas. Mr. Boone’s Responsibilities include: Responsible for managing the review and approval of domestic marketing events Needs Assessments Responsible for advising on global anti-corruption laws and […] Read More

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SEC Enforcement and Compliance Priorities: A Renewed Focus on Enforcement and Accountability

The swearing in of Mary Jo White as the new Chair of the SEC ushered in a period of increased vigor in enforcement, along with tougher prosecutorial tactics. And the SEC has already delivered. To spare their organizations from these hard-nosed enforcement actions, it's incumbent upon compliance practitioners to establish and maintain strong controls, policies and programs. Read More


More Than Due Diligence: Never-Ending Due Diligence

Conducting due diligence on third parties isn't about diving deep into every possible avenue for wrongdoing. You'd never reach the end, and it is impossible to foretell which agents will engage in corruption. Trying to pinpoint possible red flags must be guided by reasonable inquiries tied to risks. Cover your bases and you'll have covered your ... Read More

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OFAC: Best Practices for P&C Insurers

Commerce is forever becoming more global in nature, and as a result, maintaining compliance with the federal government's regulations is becoming increasingly challenging. For insurers, the issue is especially complex, as they've got to ensure that not only policyholders, but also potential recipients and third-party claimants aren't barred by the OFAC or residing on its SDN list. Read More

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