Manage Speaker Program Risk More Effectively with a Needs Assessment

The need for corporate integrity agreements among health care professionals is broad-ranging, touching activities pertaining to publication, research, and consulting, but - strangely - they have rarely extended to speaker programs. And yet, speaker programs are high risk for abusive practices. Needs assessments should be common practice to manage these risks. Read More


John Bell Hood and the Measurement of Conduct Risk

History might be told a bit differently if risk conduct analyses were common practice. These days, there's as much need as ever to address conduct risk, setting policies, incentive structures and enforcement practices in our organizations that reward good conduct and penalize acting contrary to the companies' values and regulatory standards. Read More


CCOs Take Note: It’s the Culture, Stupid

A CCO's primary focus must be on culture - that is, building a culture of ethics and compliance throughout the organization. Lay this foundation and you'll have gone a long way to minimizing risk. Corporate culture should also make up much of what the CCO reports to the Board and senior management. Michael Volkov has some ... Read More


No Sex Please, We’re British: More from GSK in China

The GSK China scandal came to light through a sex tape, and the anonymous whistleblower who leaked the tape also presented allegations of bribery. GSK's own investigation into the matter has failed to net anything of substance, but the Chinese government has turned up a great deal of evidence pointing to massive systemic bribery. Read More


Why Active Risk Management Is Essential For Boards of Directors

Boards of Directors have traditionally been held liable for overseeing risk management and mitigation, but given the speed at which crisis and scandal travels these days, it makes sense for Boards to play an even more active role, from determining risk tolerance to keeping an eye on known risks and implementing risk mitigation plans. Read More

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