Trying Something Different – The Desktop Risk Assessment

Those with less adventurous palates can relate: some of us aren't big on trying new things. But when it comes to risk assessments, sometimes taking a new approach can do you good. Tom Fox shares a novel strategy, the desktop risk assessment, which is a more focused, yet limited take on the more common exhaustive assessment. Read More

red flag

Third Parties and the Red Flags You Don’t See

The on-boarding process for new third parties represents both the biggest opportunity for risk and the greatest opportunity for improving due diligence. Corrupt agents will make whatever agreements it takes to win business, regardless of their true intentions. Just as troubling is the web of lies these organizations can weave. We've got to beware! Read More

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Privacy and Data Protection: The View from Europe

As is often the case, technology has evolved faster than the law. In the EU, this means that while there is an abundance of solutions available to users, there is also a great need for awareness of applicable regulations and directives. Here we have an in-depth look at recent legislation and the consequences to organizations of non-compliance. Read More


5 Essential Improvements to Corporate Governance

Achieving a corporate culture focused on ethics and compliance doesn't happen by accident. It takes a concerted effort from the Board of Directors, CEO and CCO, who all must understand the importance of a strong E&C program and be committed to championing the notions. Michael Volkov offers five key ways companies can strengthen corporate governance. Read More


What if Your Compliance Training Records Became Invalid Overnight?

Loopholes in compliance training security can leave organizations open to significant risk, as the validity of LMS completion records can easily be called into question. How sure are you that your staff have completed all necessary trainings? As we've seen on several occasions recently, security issues can escalate quickly and do lasting harm. Now is the ... Read More

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Role of a Corporate Compliance Officer

With ever-changing legislation and ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny, the role of the CCO is continually evolving. Corporate compliance officers served once upon a time as compliance cops, but the scope of the role has grown over the last several years so that now CCOs must be champions within their organizations of a culture of compliance and ethics and more... Read More


Is Social Media the Next Monitoring Emphasis for the OIG?

This summer, the FDA released guidance on how drug and device manufacturers are to use social media within the boundaries of appropriate marketing practices. It can be pretty tricky to present product benefits right alongside risk information - or respond to misinformation voiced by a third party - in the space of 140 characters. But the OIG ... Read More


Does Your Company Need a Sterile Cockpit?

Leaders ought to be accessible to their staff, though not necessarily at all times. In fact, they may be more effective and get more accomplished if they unplug the phone, turn off email notifications and shut the door now and then. Like airline pilots, executives need to be able to focus during critical phases, and constant interruptions ... Read More

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