Home Runs for CEOs

Executive compensation is a hot button issue, especially when it's discussed in the same context as the pay of employees with boots on the ground in the same organization. But should we be getting our feathers ruffled at the disparity in income between CEOs and hourly workers? When it comes to output and value, they're not even ... Read More

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Levi Strauss and Auditing of Third Parties

This year's Compliance Week conference was rife with excellent speeches from compliance experts. Tom Fox shares with us the highlights of one presentation from Baker Hughes' Marianne Ibrahim and Jennifer Ellison, whose address on planning for audits was truly illuminating. A must-read piece for any practitioners establishing or tweaking their audit protocols. Read More

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Justice Department Provides Cybersecurity Guidance

If preparation is the key to success, then the Department of Justice is handing keys out left and right. The DOJ has compiled a list of best practices for how to handle cyber incidents. As abundant as these risks have been of late, organizations ought to be planning for the eventuality that they will come under attack ... Read More

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The Importance of Risk Culture

Risk culture - a reflection of a company's goals and values - evolves as the organization does. That's not to say that it can be ignored; on the contrary, it should be regularly evaluated and improved. Jim DeLoach outlines a myriad of ways executive management and the Board can make assessments and drive enhancements to risk culture. Read More


Organizational Culture in Corrupt Companies

Corporate culture, defined by behavior, is notoriously difficult to measure. Determining, then, whether an organization boasts a "culture of compliance" or instead operates in a "culture of corruption" is tricky. There are a number of red flags, however, that often point to endemic corruption. Among them: tone at the top, incentive structure, and strategy. Read More

fork in the road

Reinventing Internal Audit, Part 2

The winds of change are blowing, and internal audit is squarely in their path. Shifting demands from clients (namely Boards of Directors) and regulatory authorities will require internal audit to rethink its approach to reporting and its responsibility to educate its customers, among other practices. Read on for the second installment in a series on changes in ... Read More

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A CCO Job Function: Managing Talent

CCOs have a big job, no question. In addition to developing and strengthening the compliance program and remaining attentive to ethical concerns throughout the organization, the CCO has the responsibility of managing his bench of compliance practitioners. Given the egos often prevalent among top talent, this is no small feat... Read More


Reinventing Internal Audit, Part 1

In light of recent developments, the profession must rethink the role of internal audit and even its very practices and methods in order to maintain relevance in a shifting governance landscape. Today Tim Leech, Managing Director at Risk Oversight Solutions, brings us the first in a two-part series on the need for change in Internal Audit. Read More


Employee Fraud Collusion Puts Companies at High Risk

Half the battle in combating fraud is detecting it early on, and -- as with many white collar crimes -- fraud is rarely carried out by one wayward staff member acting alone. A huge percentage of cases, in fact, are perpetrated by two or more players collaborating together. In order to catch suspicious activity, then, it makes ... Read More

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