Musing Upon Asset Forfeiture

On the surface, asset forfeiture sounds like a noble practice: disincentivize crime by confiscating the fruits of criminal conduct. Wonderful! I think we can all get on board with that notion. Put the laws into practice, however, and things can get a bit sticky. Asset forfeiture can impact both the perpetrators and the innocent connected ... Read More


Auditing at the Speed of Risk!

Just as risks are ever changing, so should our plans for managing them be. Internal audit must do away with tired approaches to risk management and adopt more dynamic practices in order to keep up with industry changes. Otherwise, the audit department may find themselves continually playing catch up when it comes to handling the various challenges ... Read More

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From the Arab Spring to Occupy, Corruption 2.0 Rallies the Masses

Political and corporate corruption has long galvanized the general public, but over the past several years, some of the ire that was once focused on organized institutions has begun to be directed at individuals. This is what Alison Taylor refers to as Corruption 2.0, and this trend toward anti-corruption measures at the individual level is worth watching. Read More

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Trade Compliance: Implementing Export Control Reforms

There have been three significant game changers lately that have served to complicate compliance with export control reform. LRN's Marian Ladner and Thomas Scott weigh in on the recent changes compliance practitioners need to be aware of in order to minimize risk and ensure compliance for their organizations now and going forward. Read More


Don’t Wait to Comply with New Revenue Recognition Standard

Though it won't take effect until early in 2017, the time is now for audit committees to start adopting the new accounting regulations. Let's not think that audit committees need to go at implementation alone, however. Warren Stippich advises a cross-functional approach involving players throughout the organization. Here's what you need to know... Read More

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Ringo, Sir Paul and an Effective Compliance Program

There's more than one way to skin a cat - whether we're talking about putting on an incredible rock show or running an effective compliance program. Keep in mind, though, that however your compliance program is fleshed out, if and when an investigation begins, the DOJ will look not only at its components, but also how it's been ... Read More


Enterprises Unprepared for New COSO Framework, Study Shows

The deadline for implementation of the 2013 COSO Framework is just around the corner. Tim O'Hara offers us a look into what's remained the same from the 1992 framework and what's changed. Auditors will be taking a closer look at operations where the 2013 iteration parts ways from the 1992 version. Where does your organization stand? ... Read More


Is More Corporate Governance the Answer? (Part 2 of 5)

Glen Jenkins continues his deep dive into corporate governance through the years with today's analysis of some landmark events during the 1970s, brought on by a bank bailout, a corporation's bankruptcy and the Watergate scandal, the impacts of which reached much farther than the White House. Moral failures in each helped to set the stage for today's governance ... Read More

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Compliance Challenges: When the Almighty Dollar Rules

Compliance is critical, of course, but at the end of the day, it's of little consequence if the company's operating in the red. And while profitability shouldn't be the sole factor in the CCO's decision-making process, it must figure in there somewhere. The trick is to strike a balance between profits and compliance and to know when ... Read More


TPP Partners at an Impasse as APEC Summit Approaches

The Trans-Pacific Partnership has yet to get off the ground, and the most recent talks in July failed to progress the partnership in any significant way. Japan stands to gain the greatest benefit from the TPP, so they're holding fast on their terms, while the U.S. remains focused on protecting the interests of SMEs stateside. Will the ... Read More

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