5 Trends to Watch in Shareholder Activism

Activism was once maligned as the work of corporate raiders moving into a company for a short-term boost in value with little regard for its long-term interests. That view is waning, with more companies open to activist proposals and some evidence that activist campaigns are having positive results for some companies. Read More


The Regulatory Landscape: An Interview with Jean-Marc Levy

Maurice Gilbert, CCI Publisher and Managing Partner of Conselium Executive Search, interviews Jean-Marc Levy, President, Ethics & Compliance Solutions for LRN, a leading provider of tools, education and strategic advice that help organizations navigate complex legal and regulatory environments and meet their compliance obligations. Read More

international law

Assuring Regulatory Compliance Doesn’t Get Lost in Translation

With the expansion of large multinational corporations into developing countries, a proliferation of global regulatory enforcement actions, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption, has risen. Executives, including general counsel, compliance and risk officers, are smart to plan in advance for potential regulatory investigations. Read More

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