Advising Clients to Pursue an Honorable Course

As often as not, our clients come to us with difficult problems, expecting more than a recitation of the law; they want to know the right (honorable) thing to do. This is both a great privilege and a great responsibility, and shame on us if we lack the courage of our convictions to steer our clients in the right ... Read More


Gaining Traction with Enterprise Risk Management

Many efforts to implement ERM are unfocused, severely resourced constrained, and pushed down so far into the organization that it is difficult to establish relevance. The near-term results are “starts and stops” and ceaseless discussions to understand the objective. Read More


The Positive Value of Ethics

You assign one of your staff to complete fieldwork for a major project. The associate is not capable of providing the requested services and tells you well before the deadline. How do you reward this person’s honesty and trust in you? Read More


HSBC’s Indiana Jones Compliance

It's maddening to watch companies in compliance trouble make the rookie mistake of believing that a high profile candidate with a legal, regulatory, law firm or prosecutorial background is the silver bullet for compliance problems. If a best practice ethics and compliance program is what you need, the place to go is to the profession with the subject ... Read More


Judicial Oversight of Deferred Prosecution Agreements

DOJ has demonstrated that companies can plead guilty to criminal offenses and survive. In addition, DOJ can impose the same requirements on a company in a guilty plea as a DPA. If companies choose to go to trial and lose, the Court then can fashion an appropriate sentence based on recommendations from the Justice Department. Read More

Number 10

Adopt These 10 Qualities to Become a Master in Your Field

So, how do top leaders do it? Studying the top business leaders in various fields allows us to pinpoint the key qualities they share which enables them to achieve success in their business and abundance in their lives. Here are the top qualities of business leaders that you can learn from to improve your leadership skills. Read More

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