Vicky Yu

Vicky Yu is the Compliance and Quality Manager for Asia Quality Focus focusing on the company’s anti-corruption and internal monitoring solutions. Coming from a background of business development, she has an in-depth understanding of clients and aims to bring the client-focus mindset into compliance. Based in Shenzhen, China, Vicky sees compliance as a key element to enable a trustworthy and sustainable relationship among businesses, employees and customers.

illustration of multiracial group all wearing surgical masks

Vicky Yu has seen the effects of the coronavirus firsthand. Here, she offers lessons learned, hopefully to protect those organizations who may yet get an up-close-and-personal view into the outbreak. Since the coronavirus outbreak in China late December 2019, many Chinese companies or multinational companies that have offices in China are facing stress from government regulations and their own employees. As a...

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What I Wish I’d Known Before Joining Compliance

For professionals looking forward to joining the compliance world, being prepared and knowing what you are stepping into is important. Asia Quality Focus’ Vicky Yu discusses her experience starting out in compliance and what could have made the transit easier. In early 2019, I accepted a new position in my current company to move from the client support team to a position...

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