Teresa Troester-Falk

Teresa Troester-Falk is Chief Global Privacy Strategist at Nymity and a thought-leader in the privacy industry, helping identify the future needs of privacy professionals by engaging with customers, privacy and data protection regulators, key policy groups/thinktanks and other privacy thought leaders. Teresa leads some of Nymity’s key accountability research initiatives and collaborates with other internal leaders to help innovate privacy accountability and compliance solutions and ensure organizational success.

Teresa is co-responsible for Nymity’s external thought leadership; she authors Nymity whitepapers and other publications and regularly speak at conferences, advanced privacy forums and on webinars. Teresa has over 20 years of experience in law, including 14+ years as a global privacy professional. Prior to joining Nymity, she served as Associate General Counsel (Privacy) for Nielsen, where Teresa expanded the global privacy program as well as initiating and leading key global and regional privacy and data protection programs and strategies and driving the relationships across internal and external stakeholders to advance the company’s privacy agenda.

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