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Sam Abadir is Vice President of Industry Solutions at Lockpath. Sam has over 20 years of experience helping companies realize value through improving processes, identifying performance metrics and understanding risk. Early in Sam’s career, he worked directly with financial institutions and manufacturing companies to help them realize institutional value. As a Senior Manager at Deloitte, he focused on improving processes and increasing value for Global 2000 companies. In the past seven years, Sam has worked with software companies like Lockpath to build the tools that help companies manage risk and create value that enhance performance in a structured and efficient manner.

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Effective leaders understand that boards are comprised of people with different skills and areas of expertise – often without the acumen to understand the details of security and risk the way a security or risk professional does. Lockpath’s Sam Abadir offers guidance on bridging that gap. Communicating risk posture and assessments to the highest levels of an organization is a demanding and...

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In the year ahead, companies will need to find meaningful and measurable ways to align and integrate risk management with core business objectives to pursue and meet their company’s goals. LockPath’s Sam Abadir discusses three trends that will challenge organizations' progress and innovation. 2018 was quite the year. Between regulatory regimes, global competition and cyber threats, the cautionary tales of what can...

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Risk Management is one of the primary duties of boards, executives, and security and compliance teams. But implementing the practices, processes, and policies that enable and ensure integrated risk management is another matter altogether.

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Better Workplace Safety with a Streamlined Approach to GRC Health and safety risks can be debilitating to an organization, yet they frequently take a back seat in business strategies and budgets. Resource-constrained risk managers are tasked with managing not only multiple OSHA requirements across various operational units, but also with passing site inspections and completing remediation activities. To complicate this, health and...

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Risk management is fast becoming a business priority. However, research shows that there is minimal understanding of the robust GRC platforms that make a streamlined, integrated approach possible. These tools can help optimize risk management processes to improve program efficiencies and reduce operational costs while bolstering cybersecurity.

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Sam Abadir, Director of Product Management at LockPath, discusses how a holistic approach to governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) can benefit every aspect of an organization. He details how GRC software solutions enable integration and automation, tying together security and compliance programs on platforms that optimize workflow, provide centralized document and data frameworks, link internal controls and enhance collaborative efforts throughout...

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