Sam Abadir

Sam Abadir is the Director of Product Management at LockPath, a leading provider of governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solutions. He has over 20 years of experience helping companies realize value through improving processes, identifying performance metrics and understanding risk. Early in Sam’s career, he worked directly with financial institutions and manufacturing companies, helping them understand how risk management could be a competitive advantage. As a Senior Manager at Deloitte, he broadened his experience, focusing on Global 2000 companies. In the past five years, Sam has worked with software companies like LockPath to build the tools that help companies harness the value of understanding and assessing risk.


New Year, New Risks

Posted by - January 4, 2018
Risk Management is one of the primary duties of boards, executives, and security and compliance teams. But implementing the practices, processes, and policies that enable and ensure integrated risk management…
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auto mechanic holding tools

A More Strategic Approach to GRC

Posted by - April 6, 2017
Risk management is fast becoming a business priority. However, research shows that there is minimal understanding of the robust GRC platforms that make a streamlined, integrated approach possible. These tools…
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integrated governance, risk management, and compliance solutions have numerous benefits

Clean House, Better Business

Posted by - June 9, 2016
Sam Abadir, Director of Product Management at LockPath, discusses how a holistic approach to governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) can benefit every aspect of an organization. He details how…
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