Ronnie Feldman

Ronnie Feldman is the President & Creative Director of Learnings & Entertainments, a creative services and learning content provider made up of a network of comedians, musicians, artists and writers that focuses on employee engagement, communication and corporate education.

Ronnie has spent 25 years playing in the entertainment and learning space, developing creative, new approaches to make learning more engaging and impactful. Ronnie previously headed up Second City’s comedic, ethics and compliance video series, RealBiz Shorts, before leaving to launch L&E in 2016, where he continues to innovate and create short, entertaining, accessible programming around a variety of workplace behavior topics. Ronnie likes to think that he is funny. It has become increasingly apparent that this is not universally agreed upon.

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Entertainment and comedy can be a hugely effective way to get compliance and risk training to “stick.” Ronnie Feldman builds a business case for more creative approaches to training and communication. Let’s talk about comedy and corporate risk. Using humor and other entertaining devices to train and communicate ethics, compliance and other corporate risk topics may seem counterintuitive. After all, we’re talking...

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People need reminding more than they need instruction. Compliance training expert Ronnie Feldman stresses that instruction isn’t enough. Think like an ad man to influence workplace behavior and corporate culture. A very wise and important person once said, “people forget stuff.” I can’t remember who said it first, but I know most recently… it was me! “People Forget Stuff” Most corporate training...

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While training is helpful and important, it can get too much focus. After all, training doesn’t address the primary reasons people do what they do. Ronnie Feldman discusses the importance of changing the culture. Ethics and compliance programs tend to put much of their focus on training – making the training shorter, making it modular, making it interactive, making it more targeted,...

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Compliance training expert Ronnie Feldman explores the fundamental misunderstanding of ethics and compliance’s role and function in the organization, which must be overcome to successfully mitigate risk. You are smart. You’ve got a welcoming smile. You have interesting anecdotes. You’re a snappy dresser with a quick wit. And to top it all off, your role in the organization is to provide guidance, advice...

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