Peter Duthie

Peter Duthie is a co-founder of Ground Labs; as its Chief Architect, he drives the company’s future innovation. Peter created the foundational technologies that empower Ground Labs’ customers to discover, identify and secure all of their sensitive data. Peter also assembled the engineering team that created Ground Labs’ solutions for its enterprise and SMB customers. He is currently based in Austin, Texas at the company’s North American headquarters.

Before co-founding Ground Labs, Peter served as chief architect for Sensory Networks, a provider of pattern-matching technology for network security applications that was acquired by Intel. Peter developed the company’s core technology which is in use today by major security vendors to accelerate their appliance and hardware performance. He has also held senior engineering roles with Permabit (acquired by Red Hat) and Paceline Systems (acquired by Motorola).

A graduate of the University of Sydney’s computer science program, Peter is named as the inventor on multiple patents related to the acceleration of anti-malware security applications.