Nathanael L'Heureux

oct-3-nathanael-lheureux-headshotNathanael L’Heureux is VP of Product Management at Oversight Systems. With over 25 years of software engineering management, system architecture and development experience, Mr. L’Heureux blends his management experience and technical knowledge to serve the needs and bridge the communication gap between technical and business leaders from senior management to technical and business analysts.

Mr. L’Heureux also has brought thought leadership and innovation to new product design and delivery.  He has been with Oversight Systems since 2006 and previously served as the company’s Director of Solution Development and Professional Services.  Prior to joining Oversight, he served as the Senior Director of Product Development at Interactive Information Services, which was ultimately purchased by Equifax.

Mr. L’Heureux holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and an M.A. in Theology from Fuller Seminary.

Tips to reduce waste and fraud in travel and expense management

Monitoring and auditing travel and expense reports is no walk in the park, particularly at large organizations. The experts at Oversight Systems, which examines trillions of dollars of expense transactions annually, has identified some trends and vulnerabilities. Oversight’s Nathanael L’Heureux addresses some of the most common vulnerabilities in T&E management.

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