Mike Mason

Mike Mason is the senior product marketing manager at FairWarning. Mike has oversight and financial responsibility over nearly every aspect of FairWarning’s marketplace communications and education efforts. Mike’s efforts are directed at telling the company’s story and its customer stories from an authentic point of view. Mr. Mason was previously a product manager for Rakuten MediaForge.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy Becomes King Cloud security and compliance laws surrounding personal information will continue to proliferate as governments attempt to protect their citizens’ private data. With a heightened consumer awareness of the need for data privacy, any violation of trust will damage an organization. Follow these recommendations to avoid fines, business interruption and loss of that all-important and increasingly rare commodity: consumer...

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Cloud Privacy

Data Privacy Hits A High Price in Assuming New Technology Solutions In this article, Mike Mason reconciles the challenges of maintaining regulatory requirements of data privacy within cloud computing technology. It is critical to keep cloud applications compliant, while meeting the increased demand for cloud-based technology providers. Gartner predicts that more than $1 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly...

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