Michael Manley

Michael ManleyMichael Manley is a partner at Venable and previously served as general counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary for CĪON Investment Management, LLC, a registered investment adviser and CĪON Investment Corporation, an externally managed, non-traded, business development company.

Mr. Manley was responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive compliance programs, including establishing corporate charters, corporate governance policies and various policies and procedures regarding code of ethics, insider trading, custody and SEC disclosure. He also negotiated agreements with swap counterparties, custodians, consultants, insurers and other fund providers. Additionally, Mr. Manley served as general counsel, chief compliance officer and secretary for both CĪON entities.

Mr. Manley previously worked at investment adviser Plainfield Asset Management and, as co-general counsel and chief compliance officer, managed the day-to-day legal and compliance affairs for Plainfield Direct, a business development company managed by Plainfield Asset Management.

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