Michael Lehman and Burt Esrig

Michael Lehman is a Partner of ACA Technology, where he leads the sales efforts for ACA Technology Surveillance. His clients include a broad range of asset managers, most specifically incentive-based hedge funds. Previously, Michael served as a Senior Vice President in the Wealth Management Group of Morgan Stanley and its predecessors. In that role, he oversaw the asset allocations of wealthy families, endowments and small institutions. He has over 20 years of executive experience managing the delivery of investment products and services to hedge funds, advisers, asset management firms, investment banks and brokerage firms.

Burt Esrig is the Managing Director of ACA Technology, where he oversees the technology products for regulatory and compliance stakeholders. Burt also serves as the owner of Stony Brook Group for the last 17 years, following his position as the Chief Operating Officer of Marstone Inc. Burt has over 40 years of experience in the intersection of technology and financial services allowing investors to make better, more informed decisions by fostering confidence, promoting compliance and providing highly efficient technology.
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The regulatory technology (regtech) scene is exploding – last year, global regtech investment surpassed $1 billion. This tech can help compliance teams not only keep pace with regulatory changes, but also achieve a significant return on investment. Michael Lehman and Burt Esrig of ACA Technology discuss the various ways regtech can benefit financial services firms. It’s a new year, and most global...

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