Mark Sangster

Mark Sangster is the Vice President and industry security strategist at eSentire. He is a cybersecurity evangelist who has spent significant time researching and speaking to peripheral factors influencing the way that organizations integrate cybersecurity into their day-to-day operations. In addition to his passion for cybersecurity, Mark’s 20-year sales and marketing career was established with industry giants like Intel Corporation, BlackBerry and Cisco Systems. Mark’s experience unites a strong technical aptitude and an intuitive understanding of regulatory agencies. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Western Ontario and a business diploma from Humber College.

illustration of gear shift on human head in profile

Mark Sangster, a cybersecurity expert from eSentire, considers recent data breaches and how the response to them is formulated largely by some key, innate human biases. Mark provides insights on how to reshape security and compliance policies to instead address the larger issues at hand. There’s a natural desire among humans to simplify and encapsulate an event with a clear antagonist upon...

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