Mark Gaydos

Mark Gaydos is Chief Marketing Officer at Nlyte, where he leads worldwide marketing and sales development. He oversees teams dedicated to helping organizations understand the value of automating and optimizing how they manage their computing infrastructure.

Mark has more than 20 years of enterprise software marketing experience helping technology companies establish leadership and rapidly grow revenue. He previously served as the SVP of marketing at Engine Yard and has held a variety of executive marketing roles at enterprise companies such as Oracle, SAP, and Engine Yard.

Mark has an M.B.A. in management science from San Diego State University and a B.A. in economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


server farm or datacenter

Businesses need to manage large numbers of network-connected devices, but how much control do we really have on our technology assets? Nlyte’s Mark Gaydos provides highlights from a recent Nlyte survey on how managers control assets now and what’s changing. As organizations digitalize and their compute infrastructures grow, IT resources don’t necessarily flow to the places that need them most. Allocating manpower...

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Why It’s Time for a Next-Gen Solution As organizations’ computing infrastructure expands, legacy asset management systems are becoming inadequate. To keep pace with this technological change – and remain compliant – companies must adopt a next-generation approach. Mark Gaydos of Nlyte discusses. Imagine being charged by your cable company for movies you never watched. How about being charged an extra $100 dollars...

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