Marisa Beahm

September 9 - Marisa Beahm headshotMarisa Beahm is the Internal Auditor for WINhealth, a not-for-profit Managed Care Company with a focus on providing plans for members that are both powerful and affordable, ensuring the members receive comprehensive coverage at the utmost value from their insurance. Currently implementing a comprehensive audit program for a growing non-profit managed care company, she has retained previous roles in management and financial analysis in both commercial and government health coverage.

The Unwanted Internal Auditor

Internal auditors are often seen as infiltrators bent on uncovering every small misstep, rather than an integral member of the team, there to build efficiencies, ensure quality and compliance and bring structure where it's needed. Changing this perception begins with the auditor himself; take a look at how you communicate with the team. Therein might lie your problem.

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